Fish Species at Briarwood

Fall is in full force here in Central Ohio, and I keep waiting for “peak” color.  I’m afraid I am not going to see what I’m hoping for.  Half the leaves are off, and the other half are some shade of yellow or still green for that matter!  Don’t know what happened with the foliage,  but one thing is for sure…..the fish are active!

I wanted to touch on what species we have at the club.  Prior to us purchasing Briarwood, the trout were stocked a few times a year.  90% of the trout caught were 1-2 lb Rainbows.  Chris and I decided we wanted to make the fishing more exciting.  We now stock a variety of trout monthly: Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Golden.  Today, for the first time, we stocked Blue trout.  These are a cool blue/ silver looking fish.  They were small (around 1 lb), but we are hoping to stock them next year when they are 2 lb+.  They’re a pretty fish and one I think the members will enjoy catching.

Photo Nov 09, 12 16 04 PM

Rainbow trout on left and Blue Trout on right

Photo Nov 09, 12 16 14 PM

Blue Trout

Brook in net hi res

Brook Trout – I LOVE this photo taken by one of our members


Rainbow Trout

Jim Priday- 4-23-10- 4lb Golden Trout

Golden Trout

We have improved our lake fishing tremendously over the last 9 years.  We’ve added Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Hybrid Striped Bass, Black Crappie and Tiger Muskie.  In addition, we have stocked feeder fish including Shiners and Minnows.  It has been fun watching them grow.  We often have to make them catch and release for a period so they have time to mature.

Left: Catfish stocked in 2011  Right: Recent Catfish

Left: Tiger Muskie stocked in 2014  Right: Muskie caught in 2017

Left: Hybrid Striped bass stocked in 2014  Right: Striper caught in 2017


2017 Perch from the North Lake


Largemouth Bass

Stay tuned for more fish stockings and what’s going on at Briarwood.  I hope to have some photos this Spring/ Summer of Smallmouth Bass to share with you!

Enjoy what’s left of Fall, and remember to take a kid with you the next time you head outdoors!





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Best darn fishing club in Ohio

At least that’s what I think!  If you ask me WHY I think we’re the best club in the state, I’d say it’s because we have the best members!

When we purchased the club in 2008, we hadn’t the faintest clue about fishing clubs.  I grew up in Indiana where we ate everything we caught (think Bluegills here), and Chris grew up in Florida fishing the Gulf of Mexico (don’t think Bluegills….think Tarpon and Grouper).  Neither of us knew a thing about Trout or fly fishing…..Or what we were getting ourselves into!

Fast forward 9 years and we have made some amazing friendships with some incredible members!  We love when they stop by the office to say hello, show us pictures of the fish they caught, or better yet when they introduce us to their kids and grandkids!

Last week, a member stopped by the office to grab a cup of coffee.  We chit-chatted for a few, and then he proceeds to say “I sent this photo to my wife along with #BestBriarwoodDayEver!  I had a blast!”  << That right there is what makes our job so much fun.  The people.

Drew McCart 1017


And then there’s the member who said “Add a few extra dollars on my bill.  I want to buy the Briarwood staff lunch. On me.”  I know right?!    What a kind and generous thought.



Or how about the gentleman who’s been a member 30+ years, taught his 5 boys how to fish here, and now brings his NUMEROUS grandchildren out twice a year, every year.  This family knows how to fish Briarwood like no other!  Here’s a cute photo of one of his grandsons with a trout he caught himself.


I could go on about our members (and I am sure I will in a future post), but to wrap this up…..Briarwood truly is a family and our members are what make it truly special.

Get a fishing pole in your kiddos hands!  You still have time before Old Man Winter comes to town!







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Hunting for that trophy Ohio Whitetail?

October.  Last year I spoke of this month and how much I love it.  Truth is….this is also the month I turn into a hunting widow.  When my husband isn’t guiding and working at the club, he’s in the stand with our kiddos.  This is our “why and how” we landed in Central Ohio: Deer Hunting.

scouting collage

Earlier this year, we decided to take the leap and lease ground around Logan County.  We now have the exclusive hunting rights on several large tracts of land.  What does that mean, exactly?  Briarwood now offers open range hunts!  It’s an exciting move for us, and one that we’ve mulled over for quite sometime.

Bottom line: Hunters stay at Briarwood.  Our guides take them to the stand.  Hunters have the opportunity to see/ harvest a mature Whitetail buck on carefully managed land.

We take care of everything.  Yes, everything.  You don’t have to plant food plots, check trail cameras, worry about where to place your stand(s).  It’s all done.  Hunters show up ready to hit the woods….It’s really that simple!

Below are some photos of the deer we’ve been seeing on these properties….

P039-256-256-256 7f026 000 0

P045-256-256-256 7f031 000 0

P044-256-256-256 7f025 000 0

Interested?  Want to see more photos?  Check out the scouting page on our website.

We guarantee a first class experience….all you have to do is pray to the deer gods that a nice 10 point will walk in front of you!

Happy October and good luck!






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What the client’s say: Hunting Ohio Whitetails at Briarwood Sporting Club

Fall is here in Central Ohio, though the last week it’s felt more like Summer!  We are in our second week of hunters, and thus far we’ve had clients in from Arkansas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Texas.  We like to spread the word about our facility and everything a hunt at Briarwood entails, but there’s nothing better than hearing directly from our hunters.


Tom from FL- 190

“Being a native Midwesterner, I have always enjoyed being in the woods with Tall oaks and dark green pastures with an autumn leaves scent surrounding me.  That has always felt like home.  For 3 years running Briarwood has given me a beautiful reminder of what home is like in the Fall, which I miss dearly now that I’m in Florida.  The hunting experiences I’ve had with my family and friends for those 3 separate weeks are truly vivid in my mind.  Each week had its own unique memories that I’ll be able to look back on with pride as I see my trophy Whitetails in my man cave!  The Daniels’ family has done a fabulous job custom tailoring each hunter/fisherman’s options to best suit them.  Never before have I seen such hospitality and attention to detail on such a unique property.  I highly recommend this trip to anyone that’s looking to make memories, have fun and learn what it is to hunt world-class whitetails and fly fish on beautiful streams.”

-Tom, Florida

Montie from TX - 249 and 219

“Chris Daniels runs a first class sporting club.  The quality of whitetail deer are great.  The fishing is really good as well.  The lodges are beautiful and relaxing.  Chris and his entire staff took excellent care of every detail during our stay.  I would highly recommend Briarwood to anyone that is considering going.”

-Montie, Texas


I have had the privilege of deer hunting at Briarwood Sporting Club on four occasions.  Each time I have harvested exceptional quality trophy deer.  The property is a deer hunters paradise.  The accommodations and meals are first class and the lodges have all the comforts of home.  The professional staff exceeds your every need and gives you a quality hunt to experience and to remember for a lifetime.  A sincere thank you to the Briarwood Sporting Club team.

-Paul, Arizona

Bill from TX - 272

The accommodations and grounds are absolutely beautiful in October when I was there. I was guided by Chris who was excellent at gauging trophy size and worked hard to put me on just the right deer.  The handling of the animal once it was down was first class.  From the cleaning process to freezing and getting the meat to the processor there is no time wasted and it is all done professionally.  The taxidermist recommended also did an excellent job.  I have hunted internationally in four countries plus numerous places in the USA and Briarwood Sporting Club is truly an experience of a lifetime.  If a trophy Whitetail deer of a lifetime is desired then Briarwood is the place to find him.

-Bill, Texas

If you’re looking to have a similar experience give us a call!  Remember, take a child with you next time you head to the woods and expose them to the outdoors!

Briarwood Staff


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Fall in Central Ohio

October.  The BEST month of the year if you live in the Midwest.  At least that’s my opinion.  Growing up in Indiana I was a cheerleader, and football season meant fall.  I loved being out there on the sidelines cheering on the boys with my little Kelly green gloves and ear warmers every Friday night.  And then, when I cheered at Purdue (back when our football program was regularly putting “W”s on the board) there was nothing I loved more than waking up on a crisp October Saturday morning and heading over to the stadium to warm up for the game.  Yes, fall is THE BEST time of year in the Midwest.

Fast forward a few years (I’m not giving away my age here), and now I work daily on an amazing piece of property in Central Ohio where autumn is definitely the best time to be out here.  8 years ago we bought the club, and within the first 5 minutes of driving the property we both knew that it was something special.  It’s easy to get stuck in the normal daily tasks of the job, but I always try to find time to drive around on a 4-wheeler or golf cart, say hello to the members,  take some pictures, and honestly to stop and smell the roses.  Which is why I’m writing this post.

This week the color has been magnificent.  We’ve had some rain, but there’s still a number leaves on the trees.  Below is a photo I took of Pine Lake Lodge this week.  Chris asked me to row out on the lake and take some new photos, as we recently cleared the area along the shoreline to have a better view from the lodge.  Some of you may have seen my FB video of me actually on the water taking photos.  Below is my favorite shot, and the others are a few I took last week.




I always ask members to send photos of their “catch”. I recently received a few emails from fishermen with pictures of their trout.  One was a beautiful Rainbow Trout, and the other was a Brook Trout.  Mother Nature has colors popping all over the place!



And of course this time of year we have hunters in weekly from all over the globe.  This year we’ve had 2 Peruvians, a couple from Canada, as well as a number of fellow Americans from California, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida to name a few.  It’s always a great time getting to know hunters from different parts of the US.  I consistently hear, “I never knew Ohio was this pretty!” or “I thought Ohio was all flat farm ground?!” and my favorite, “Midwestern people are so nice!”…..and that’s why it’s called “Midwestern hospitality”!



2 hunters.jpg

I hope you enjoy the photos of Fall in Central Ohio, and that you stop in and see us if you’re passing through Logan County!  In the meantime, take a child outdoors and introduce them to something new!

Keep cozy,




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Mother Nature finally decided to show off and hit us with some of that beautiful white stuff.  I always look forward to seeing the club covered in snow.  Something about how the sun hits the flakes and the way it shimmers and glistens makes me happy.



The deer are starting to shed their antlers.  Which is good, because I need an antler chandelier in our new office!  Which by the way was finished since I last blogged.  We finally built a building to adequately accommodate our office staff.  It is located just inside the main gate and has a look similar to the lodges on the property.  I personally LOVE it!



We also built a Loafing Lodge for the fishing members.  It is located stream side, and is a great place to come in from inclement weather, or to just get off your feet and warm up by the fire.  We had our staff Christmas party in here, and it was really cozy!


Hope you’re staying warm! Stop in and check out the new office next time you’re at the Club!








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Summer time = FISHING

Here we are into August and the kids head back to school next week!  Had to believe Summer is coming to an end, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that June was so rainy and wet.  It’s almost like we were robbed of a whole month of Summer!

That being said, there have been some beautiful fish caught over the past few months and I wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I love receiving photos that members and their guests take while enjoying the property.  Sometimes I think they’re having too much fun to stop and capture the moment!

Here’s a beautiful, colorful Perch


A catfish we stocked in 2010

BWarren catfish

Monster Rainbow Trout

TWright Rainbow2

Here is a WHOPPER of a Brown Trout.  Weighed 12lbs 2oz!


A recent Striper which we stocked in 2013


Nice Largemouth Bass

Garrett bass

Basket O’Bluegills

Carter bluegills

Hope you enjoy whats left of the Summer, and you have the opportunity to wet your own line!



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